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Our A.I. chat assistant helps doctors and nurses instantly search for hospital information. We also power chat apps like WhatsApp, Viber and Messenger to automate patient monitoring and education.

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Bot MD Hospital

Instantly search your hospital information including call rosters, directory, guidelines and more.


Bot MD Care

Automate patient monitoring and education through powering chat platforms like WhatsApp and Viber.


Bot MD Integrations

Integrate your hospital systems and embed Bot MD into any website or mobile application.


Empowering 18,000+ doctors and nurses around the world

Dr Jen Wei Ying
Hematologist, National University 
Cancer Institute

"The NUHS-Bot MD Hospital’s biggest value for me as a busy clinician is that it helps me get the clinical information I need, whenever and wherever I need it."

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Dr Yih Yng Ng
ER Physician, Tan Tock Seng Hospital

"Before Bot MD Hospital, ECG alerts required a dedicated mobile phone that had to be passed between doctor to doctor on every shift. Now the alerts simply go to the right person who needs to see it."

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Yujuan Tan
CEO, Parkway Radiology, IHH Healthcare

"Providing our referring physicians an electronic ordering system with Bot MD has made it a lot simpler, easier and faster for clinics to schedule appointments and access results."

Dr Teck-Jack Tan
CEO, Northeast Medical Group

"By powering our website and WhatsApp, Bot MD has made it easier for patients to schedule appointments, refill their medications and even request for teleconsultations with our doctors."

Dr Romina A. Danguilan
Deputy Executive Director, Medical Services,
National Kidney and Transplant Institute

"Bot MD Care allows us to remotely monitor these patients using A.I. to triage their submissions so we can detect early stage infections and intervene quickly through teleconsultations or calls."

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Dr Fiena Fithriah
Head, Puskesmas Kecamatan Makasar

"I love the convenience of monitoring our patients through WhatsApp with Bot MD Care. It's so useful because they don't have to download another app to report their vital signs."

Dr Samuel Ow
Oncologist, National University Cancer Institute

"Bot MD Care allows us to reach out to patients early, and provide targeted education so that they come for their consultation better-informed and ready to decide on the next step."

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Dr Benjamin Hooi
Internist, National University Hospital

"Bot MD Care has been a game changer in helping us keep a close watch over the vital signs of our COVID-19 positive patients."

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